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Welding in Kiev

welding tracks in Kiev

Welding in Kiev performs our company PrimeSteel. We restore trucks, trailers and any special equipment. All welding works are performed by highly skilled masters using reliable and proven materials and technology.


If your car broke down or a crack appeared, then we will make welding and repairs quickly and efficiently at our production base.

For repair just wellcome to us by the address: Kiev city, Zhmerinskaya street, 26.
Please view the map with the location of our company on our website page Contacts: https://primesteel.com.ua/kontakty/
Just add the address to your navigator and come to us for repair. Our company operates from 10 am to 5 pm.


Welding trucks in Kiev is a complex and demanding process. Do not trust this work inexperienced masters. If anything happened to your car. Namely, was broken frame, chassis, body or trailer, just immediately order to welding from our craftsmen. All welding work will be performed quickly and efficiently.


Our service includes welding and restoration of any details from any metal. We repair damage to any level of complexity with help of modern equipment and our many years of experience.


Repair of trucks in Kiev is our main expertise. In this we have achieved the best results. Repair your car in our company and continue your trip to the point of destination.